Les Lauriers Roses - Guest house 30430 Barjac


The low door

This entrance porch allowed, from the 14th century, access to the interior of the city.

It gave on the right street, crossing Barjac from one side to the other. This artery is since the end of the XIVth century and since more than 500 years the main commercial street of the city.

Since the 13th century, located between Vivarais and Languedoc, Barjac is at the crossroads of the great commercial routes. The tradition continues today with the two famous antique and flea markets, at Easter and around August 15.

The restored castle, dating from the beginning of the 17th century, has become the center of the cultural life of the village, hosting the town hall, the cinema, the library, the rooms for activities, exhibitions and shows.

A circuit allows you to discover the "Renaissance Tower", the Lower Gate, the Capuchin chapel, the private mansions and their towers, the market place shaded by plane trees, the Upper Gate and the Grand'Rue, the St Laurent church, the esplanade and the fountain, the market hall...

Few cities are as rich in prehistoric remains as Barjac.

Fifteen dolmens have been identified in the vicinity and can be dated, if we stick to the simplicity of their architecture, to the Bronze Age, that is to say to the 2nd millennium with J.C.: they are dolmens with trunk typical of Languedoc.

Les Lauriers Roses - Guest house Barjac XVIIth century house in the heart of the Renaissance city classified as a "Village de Caractère 10, place de la Liberté 30430 Barjac